Raise a Glass, to Those Who Make us Possible

our partners.

To become the organization we are today, we had to have help. We want to take a moment to thank all of our sponsors and partners ranging from large companies to individuals just like you. Each and every one of them have played a role, taken an action small or large, to help build alphabet to the global network organization it is today.


The biggest thank you we can possibly muster goes out to all of our Partners in Environment who work closely with us to help us achieve our goals. Your support and friendship means so much to us.




A huge thank you goes out to all of our title sponsors. Our close-knit relationship and the resources you provide us with are the reason our project exists today. From software to funding, from resources to materials, from lab space to love and support, these companies are our biggest superstars, our greatest ocean convergences. They allow our ideas to develop, grow, and become reality. Our project literally would not be possible without you.


Thank you, with no limits in the world...

Dobot was established in 2015 with a goal to upgrade the current framework and purposes for industrial robotic arm solutions. Their intelligent robotic arm solutions provide all-in-one tools for the industry with their ability to collaborate, 3D print, laser engrave, manufacture, and assemble using one platform. Dobot is innovating the future of robotic arms, and their design and quality is one to inspire. Dobot's core community initiatives are strong driving them to provide massive support for projects like ours. We love the people at Dobot and the products they make.


Echologger is a brand of sophisticated sonar products manufactured by EofE Ultrasonics Co., Ltd. Their high-quality, ultra-compact, and precise sonar systems are perfect for professional marine robotics applications and even more. Echologger's sensors are innovative to no-end and have become popular world-wide in a very short period of time. Echologger is changing the future of underwater monitoring.

TotalBoat and their resins are a result of countless hours of testing and evaluating, consulting with customers and professional boat builders to build a product that, very simply, works. TotalBoat resins and boat products are durable, reliable, well-tested, and well-documented making them some of the best in the industry. We love their products and the wonderful, kind-hearted people that work there as well. 

TeXtreme spread tow fabrics are a unique even in the composites industry for their versatility, safety, and strength.  Their high quality fabrics and amazing support made them the obvious choice when our engineers were deciding what materials we wanted to use on the next ORRCA system.



A very special thank you goes out to all of our sponsors. Your support has taken our project above and beyond helping us reach our goals. With your support we created and tested new versions of our craft and are well on the road to deployment! Without you we wouldn't have the funding or need resources to build and test our systems, we wouldn't have the software needed to interpret data or design our solutions, and we wouldn't have support when we need it most. So here's to all of those that are helping us make a real difference in the world. Here's to our sponsors. 

for Good

Office of the



A huge shoutout to all the companies that manufacture and design the parts and materials we use, write the ope source software we use, have given us advice and shown us the problems we need to fix, promoted our project free of charge, have manufactured parts of us, have let us use their shop equipment, and so much more. Thank you to you all, we would certainly be a very different organization without you!


And last but not least, all the individuals that have had a significant impact on our project. Everything from direct advice, to simply believing in us, your contributions have make this project bigger, better, more advanced, and stronger. 


People whose support has taken our project above and beyond.

The Kitto Family

Sweta Jhunjhunwala

The Mehrotra Family

The Tandon Family

Assimina Pelegri

Ricky Li

Johnathan Kosinski

The Auble Family

The Kotlik Family

Caroline Jordan


People who are helping our project grow and spread its message.

The Vijeshwer Family

Shari Seroka

Leslie Anderson

Prof. Triantafyllou

Dr. Cynthia Barnhart

Prof. Consi

Paul Robinette

Will Lutz (IDC)

Leilani Roser

Minsu Jung


People who support our project & its initaitives.

Mario Berges 

Bob Merriman

Ravi Jain

Aveek Mishra

Special thanks to Diane Brancazio and Ed Moriarty for their continuous support, and mentorship.

And Finally...

The MIT Edgerton Center

A very special thank you goes out to our title & host sponsor, the MIT Edgerton Center. Our sea anemone that surrounds us, takes care of us, is our home, and keeps us safe.
We <3 Edgerton...

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