The Drop Filter is a low-cost, simple filtration system made from easy-to-find materials. Designed as a solution for clean drinking water in developing nations, the six stage filtration system was designed to separate have metals, other chemicals, sediments, hard pollutants, and even bacteria from the water. The Drop Filter is more than a simple product, it's a scale-able solution to a very real problem. It's built to last, it's efficient, it's effective, and it cleans.

Standard Features List:

- 5.0 Gallon Top Reservoir 

- Refined Activated Carbon Layer

- Aluminium Sediment Separator 

- High-Density Filtration Sand 

- Refined Filtration Gravel 

- Carbon Block, Silver-Lined Bacteria Filter

- 0.4 GPM Flow Rate

- 95% Efficiency 

- Scale-able & Made from 100% Recyclable Materials


The basic package of the Drop Filter includes the following:

(1x) Unassembled Drop Filter System Main Filter Unit 

(1x) Filter Main Upper Reservoir Unit 

(1x) Filtration Sand Pack

(1x) Filtration Gravel Pack

(1x) Carbon Block, Aluminium, Silver Filters

(1x) Instructions Guide/Use & Care Guide/Assembly Instructions 

The Drop Filter kit comes with everything you need to build a fully functional drinking water filtration system for less that $100 dollars. The Drop filter filters 5 gallons of water at a time and is guaranteed to remove 95% of all contaminants, to see what specifically the drop filter can remove, please see below. 


Drop was designed from the ground-up to be a modular and expandable drinking water that could be built out of low-cost materials. The system separates many types of pollutants including chemicals, sediments & solid pollutants, organic pollutants, and bacterial pollutants, and multiple classes within those types. Here is a complete list of the pollutants Drop was designed to separate,  if a pollutant is not on this list, Drop may still be effective in removing it, it is just not guaranteed by Project ORRCA. All pollutants listed have guaranteed removal from water of around 95%.

Chemical Pollutants:

(1) Lead/Heavy Metals in moderate concentrations (low concentrations may have a hard time separating).

(2) Oil/Thick non-runny chemicals with high viscosity.

WARNING: Chemical pollutants are not 100% guaranteed to be removed, chemical removal may be affected by different concentrations, types, acidity levels, temperature, and other factors that can affect chemical reactions. For life-threatening and hazardous chemicals, it is advisable to use a second filtration method in addition to Drop. 

Sediments & Solid Pollutants:

(1) Any solid sediment particles larger than 20 microns. 

(2) Any solids that can be trapped using a refined carbon block filter.

WARNING: Do not attempt to pour large solid pollutants into the filter, please separate these by hand first as not doing so can result in filter damage, shorter filter life, and accidental pollutant discharge. 

Organic Pollutants:

(1) Leaves, branches, other organic solids. 

(2) Bacteria using bio-sand filtration technology. 

(3) Bacteria using silver-infused filtration technology. 

Bio-Sand Filtration: When using the Drop filter in a given region and pouring water from the same source through the filter each day, a layer of bacteria-eating microorganisms will make their home within the filter. These microorganisms will eat the harmful bacteria that exists within the water itself. This removes most of the bacteria not killed by the sand itself. 

Silver-Infused Filtration: Silver is a metal that's naturally deadly to bacteria and microorganisms. Silver is infused into the fibers of a standard small micron size filter and when the water passes through it, the bacteria are killed by the silver's presence. Whether the filter mesh catches the bacteria or not, the water becomes harmless. 


***Disclaimer: With very large solid pollutants it is advisable to separate those via alternate method before pouring the liquid into the Drop Filter, for very high viscosity pollutants, it is advisable to remove the reservoir, the carbon pellets, and the aluminium particle filter before pouring the slurry in. This will allow for longer filter life, account for possible filter clogging, and allow for easier cleaning and washouts.




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       Drop Filter: Construction Guide

       Drop Filter: Use & Care



This section defines some of the tested applications for the Drop Filtration System. Applicability of the filter depends on manufacturing quality, setup, and care taken to ensure the filter is built to standards. Filters manufactured by and purchased from Project ORRCA meet the standards to perform the following applications, however filters built by a third-party or an individual even by following Project ORRCA instructions, may have flaws that Project ORRCA is not responsible for. Exercise caution. 


(1) Drinking water filtration in both developing & developed nations

(2) Water pollution cleanup for water with contaminants such as lead, bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine, sediments, large solids, and other describe in the documentation.

(3) Sanitation purposes, cleansing of waste water (limited to only the pollutants described in this documentation) 

(4) Other filtration requirements not listed but which require the filtration of pollutants not described in this documentation. 


The stated purpose of this filter is as a drinking water filtration system for developing nations. It was designed and built for this purpose, we are not responsible for damage caused by using the filter for any other purpose. 


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