it's on us data sciences

Is a team working to use technology to build a cleaner world.

we focus on collecting data on global water pollution and using that data to develop response plans for developing and developed nations alike

It's On Us Now Guys...

After decades of pollution have swept this planet, as global temperatures continue to rise, and climate change nudges closer to irreversible, it is clear the time to act was wayyyyy before now. It's time we take this problem into our own hands, so no bias may influence it, so we may develop a clear, targeted attack against pollution and other causes of earthly misery.

It's on Us to Act Now...

it's on us.

data sciences

real data. real solutions.

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We work with anyone, from individuals to nonprofits & companies who share our vision of a better world.

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IOU.DS is an independent project running a global network of people committed to building a cleaner, better world. IOU.DS is an official student project under MIT, a US 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation.

it's on us.

real data. real solutions.