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for a cleaner. better world.

-We want to build a cleaner. Better. Clearer World for All.

we use technology to collect data on air and water quality, we then work with nonprofits to clean affected areas around the world...




"For Every Good Reason to Lie...

There's a Better Reason, To Tell The Truth."

- Bo Bennett

bringing clarity to pollution data.

WE aren't some politicians who ignore data to "prove" climate change does not exist. WE aren't some scientists who "show definitively" it does exist by playing with statistics. WE are concerned students who believe that every single individual on planet earth should have the right to have access to the true, hard data on their water and air quality. So that's what we set out to find - the whole truth, and nothing but.

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Our volunteers use technology developed in-house with our partners to gather accurate gps-tagged data on water and air quality around the world.

We then take this data and create detailed pollution maps using ArcGIS Pro and publish the map results and original data open-source to the web.

How we're building a better world.

We then work with nonprofits around the world to determine the most affected areas. And help them develop and implement technology to fix it.

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real data. real solutions.

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We work with anyone, from individuals to nonprofits & companies who share our vision of a better world.

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IOU.DS is an independent project running a global network of people committed to building a cleaner, better world. IOU.DS is an official student project under MIT, a US 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation.

it's on us.

real data. real solutions.